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Follow these three simple steps below to obtain your medical card in Georgia:


Consult with Your Physician

Patients and caregivers of patients who believe they may be eligible should consult with their physician.

Feel free to consult with your own doctor. Alternatively, if you don’t have a preferred provider, we can provide a list of participating physicians who already recommend medical cannabis.



When approved by your physician, you or your caregiver’s information will be entered into the Department of Public Health’s secure Low THC Oil Registry and a card(s) will be issued.


Card Issuance

Patients and caregivers will be notified when the cards are ready for pickup (within 15 business days) from one of several public health offices geographically spread around the state.

Navigating Eligibility

Qualifying Conditions

The Low THC Oil Registry Cards cost twenty-five dollars. The Low THC Oil Card is valid for two years from the date of issue. After that time, cardholders will need to again consult with their physician about their continued eligibility and to request that the physician update and confirm the accuracy of personal information in the registry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient FAQs

For more detailed information about medical cannabis legislation in Georgia, you can visit the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website. Alternatively, you can explore the educational resources provided by Botanical Sciences, which include updates on legislation, medical research, and patient stories.

Yes; caregivers (parents or legal guardians) of patients can apply for medical cannabis cards. A Caregiver must be approved by the patient’s registered physician.

Medical cannabis cards in Georgia need to be renewed annually. You will need to schedule an appointment with a registered physician who can confirm your continued eligibility for medical cannabis use. Following this, you will need to submit a renewal application to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use in Georgia include cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and certain other chronic diseases. It’s essential to consult with a registered physician who can accurately determine your eligibility based on your specific medical condition.

Georgia allows you to use an out-of-state card only within 30 days of moving to Georgia. To access medical cannabis in Georgia after 30 days, you must obtain a Georgia-issued medical cannabis card.

To obtain a medical cannabis card in Georgia, follow these steps: Schedule an appointment with a registered physician. If the physician determines you qualify, they will submit a recommendation on your behalf to the Georgia Department of Public Health. Complete the online application and submit the required documentation, including proof of residency and identification. Once approved, you may pick up your card from a Department of Public health location.

To qualify for a medical cannabis card in Georgia, you must have one of the qualifying medical conditions as outlined by the state’s Department of Public Health. These conditions include, but are not limited to, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. You will need to consult with a registered physician to receive a recommendation for medical cannabis use.

Georgia Department of Public Health’s website and searching their directory of physicians who are qualified to recommend medical cannabis. Alternatively, you can ask your primary care doctor if they are registered or if they can refer you to a physician who is.

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