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Medical Cannabis is Now Available at Peachtree Pharmacy

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Peachtree Pharmacy

Now Available at Pharmacies Throughout Georgia

Georgia is the first state in the country to authorize the dispensing of medical cannabis through pharmacies to registered patients, allowing Botanical Sciences to bring relief to more patients in need than ever before. The inclusion of pharmacies as authorized providers of medical cannabis, alongside Botanical Sciences’ owned dispensaries, expands the avenues for patients to provide relief from cannabis medicine.

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About Peachtree Pharmacy

Dr. April Hang is a seasoned Pharmacy Manager with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, earned in 2002. After serving in a leading chain pharmacy for over a decade, she expanded her expertise in managed care, long-term care, and hospital settings. Currently, she lends her skills at Gwinnett Medical Center when required. Outside her professional realm, she cherishes time with her loving family and close friends. Always eager to assist, Dr. Hang is committed to addressing your unique needs.

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