Chase Bradshaw, Chief Operations Officer

Chase Bradshaw is the Chief Operating Officer of Botanical Sciences. With 14 years of experience as a leader in the cannabis industry, Bradshaw brings a wealth of expertise to the company’s mission to bring hope and relief to Georgia patients. As COO, Bradshaw will oversee production from seed to sale, including the company’s 100,000 square foot growing facility, packaging, and distribution to its five dispensaries. In 2009, Bradshaw founded Denver-based cannabis dispensary, Altitude, and grew the business from a modest 2,000 square-foot facility supporting 20 patients per day to six licensed cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary facilities that employ nearly 100 people and support more than 1,000 daily medical and adult-use customers today. A sought-after consultant, Bradshaw has assisted cannabis entrepreneurs across the United States with obtaining licensing and building successful businesses.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Bradshaw is interested in the art, science, technology and business of cannabis plant cultivation, committed to ensuring the highest level of product quality and consistency possible as well as an optimal experience for patients.

In his free time, Bradshaw loves to travel to new places with his wife and experience all things outdoors, including fishing, hunting and golf.